Due to the shifting business environment, an increasing number of executives have expressed their desire to regenerate the way their teams and organizations function. We also hear that many executives feel a need to transform themselves as leaders to actualize such regeneration. Deep Harmony supports these executives in this self-transformation process. Executive Coaching is uniquely designed based on individual needs. Each coaching assignment typically takes place face-to-face over a number of sessions for an agreed period of time, often six months.

Typical Situations for Introducing Executive Coaching:

  • Self-development and self-transformation required to lead organizational cultural shift
  • Developmental effort required to break through a specific business challenge
  • Support required to lead intercultural or multicultural team
  • Support required for work-life integration for personal fulfillment
  • Support required while transitioning to a new promotion or job transfer
Examples of Coaching Themes:

  • From Command and Control to Inclusive Leadership
  • From Working Excessively to Balanced Fulfilled Life
  • From Confused Direction to Clarified and Actualized Vision
  • From Excessive Thinking to Integration of Heart, Gut and Head
  • From Relationship Issue to Restoring Trust
  • From Lack of Emotional Control to Emotional Intelligence
  • From Low Motivation to Confidence Recovery and Leading with Impact
  • From Closed and Contained Style to Open and Courageous Conversations.
Former Client Engagements:

  • President (luxury brand business, consulting firm)
  • Senior Director (clothing retailer, pharmaceutical company)
  • Director (real estate company, cosmetic maker)
  • Senior leader (IT company, HR consulting firm)