Diversity Leadership establishes one’s own leadership identity rather than forcing oneself to copy past or existing leadership styles. It is to lead others in one’s own unique way. When leaders free themselves of the notion that successful leaders need to “be” in a certain way, the person’s own authenticity emerges which provides access to their particular source of aspiration to show up as a leader who inspires others. It also enables many people who have not accepted themselves as leaders to come to the self-realization that they ARE leaders. They are free as well to make a difference for others with courage and confidence. We support unlocking the power within by discovering and acknowledging many hidden talents and help everyone see how they can influence others when guided by their unwavering core.

This service is available through 1-day or 2-day workshops. Group Coaching of 6-12 months is also recommended to ensure conscious and behavioral transformation. Group coaching is beneficial for developing a support system among participants and facilitating coaching skills acquisition through peer interactions.

Typical Purposes for Introducing Diversity Leadership:

  • To support personnel identified as potentially capable for increased leadership responsibilities
  • To evoke initiatives among team members
  • To identify leadership potential in others for succession planning
  • To empower specific diverse groups such as female and minority leaders
Former Client Engagements:

  • A year-long Female Leaders Group Coaching for Accelerating Difference Initiative (pharmaceutical company)
  • Leadership Brand Development (pharmaceutical company)
  • Women’s Leadership Training (financial institution)
  • Global Leaders Workshop (training company)