In this volatile, complex and ambiguous environment we all find ourselves in today,
Imagine a culture where everyone willingly contributes …
Imagine a culture where all leaders recognize that everyone is a leader…
Imagine the power when all voices are heard and valued…


Culture Shift means realigning the consciousness and behaviors of teams and organizations to a more desirable state. Culture is an invisible system that develops over years and governs the team/organization’s mood as well as member’s consciousness and behaviors. Thus, shifting culture requires not only top management’s strong commitment but also each member’s willingness to participate during this transformation. Culture usually transforms gradually over time as a result.

We design the process of Culture Shift by partnering with management and support the change process through facilitating dialogue and other approaches. Each member is encouraged to embody the vision of Culture Shift and to take personal initiative to make an impact within the organization.

Examples of Themes for Culture Shift:

  • From an excessive short-term results oriented approach to individual work-fulfillment and self-initiative
  • From excessive hierarchy to empowered diverse voices and talents
  • From organizational silos to cross-functional collaboration
  • From mono-culture leadership to diverse leadership
Former Client Engagements:

  • Consultation based on employee survey (medical equipment manufacturer)
  • Supporting off-site meetings and on-going dialogues for senior leaders for organizational Culture Shift (engineering service company)
  • Facilitated business unit’s Culture Shift accompanied with one-on-one follow-up on self-transformation (IT company)
  • Facilitated off-site meeting for one business unit on culture (luxury brand business)