Coaching is a method of communication to help individuals take the initiative to find their own answers to bring forth their highest potential. We offer consultation on how to use coaching methods to develop a desired corporate culture so that members demonstrate their talents for teams and organizations and achieve results through developing deeper trusting relationships. We provide experiential workshops to help people acquire practical skills and concepts of coaching.

Typical Purposes for Introducing Coaching Training:

  • As one of the initiatives to develop organizational culture where people are encouraged to grow
  • To support leaders to elicit their team members contributions and empower their growth
  • To support and train internal coaches and coaching trainers
  • To develop cross-functional learning circles through peer coaching
  • To increase client approach based on deeper trusting relationship
Former Client Engagements:

  • Internal Coaching Trainers Development (medical equipment manufacturer)
  • Practical Coaching Workshop for New Managers (pharmaceutical company)
  • Peer Coaching for Learning Circle (luxury brand business)
  • Coaching Workshop for Sales Managers (cosmetic maker)